Kanban Development with Atlassian JIRA Training
18 hrs Online / 2 days Class Room/ Enterprise

- Get trained by Certified Scrum Master (CSM), SAFe® Program Consultants
   (SPCs), Certified Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK1)
- Learn Jira (ATL tool) based Kanban Development
- Dedicated post training support and assistance


Kanban, the popular frameworks for development in a Lean Framework – focusing on optimizing the value. JIRA with Agile Add-on, from Atlassian, is one of the most widely used tools for Kanban based development as it provides a rich set of features and lot of flexibility in managing Lean/Agile projects following Kanban. The use of Atlassian JIRA Agile as a Kanban Development cloud/hosting tool is the choice of industry for rapid application development.
This 2 day course in “Kanban Development with Atlassian JIRA Agile”, will give you a sound base on Lean/Kanban related principles and practices. The workshop with its focus on a practical hands-on approach has proven to be immensely useful for team members working on Kanban Projects in a globally distributed cloud computing environment.